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Mental Health Resources

Mental health is a passion of mine and I think it's important that I compile a list of resources for students' mental health and emotional regualation so that it's available to all my students and families. is a website designed by a therapist and a mom of two. This website has a great combination of resources for all kinds of different needs and kids of all ages. There's also a section of the website where you can buy online mental health workbooks for kids along with other products if you so wish. is a well-known resource available for kids who are in crisis. Their website offers a variety of ways to get in touch with them 24 hours a day. It also offers a large library of mental health resources for adults and students alike. 

One of the most common ways for mental health to manifest is through anxiety. specifically addresses this stressor for all ages. This website also offers resources for mobile devices that can be useful for those who'd like to have a portable way of working with their anxiety. is an excellent initiative that takes place annually all across Canada. Their website is loaded full of information and activities. One of the things I like the most about their website is their 'Conversation Guide' which helps facilitate meaningful discussions about mental health.

This website is a little different than the others on the list because it deals with both mental and physical well-being. splits its resources into different age ranges and offers resources specific to that age. They have resources that vary from dealing with friends and relationships to healthy recipes for young cooks.

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