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About Me

I come by the profession of teaching honestly...

Growing up in Grande Prairie as the son of two teachers, the last thing I ever thought I would become was a teacher. It was all I ever heard around the house and I had no interest in it when I was young. However, as I grew up, I started to fall in love with the idea of teaching and now I can't imagine doing anything else.

My Education

I grew up attending French Immersion for nearly my entire K-12 years. When I was 17 I was selected as a Rotary Exchange Student and was fortunate enough to get to travel and live in Belgium for a year. Through that and previous life experience I came to the conclusion that not all education comes from inside the walls of the classroom and that there is much to be learned from experiences as well as formal education. I attended the Grande Prairie Regional College for two years before transferring to the University of Alberta to complete my degree in Elementary Education.

My Teaching Philosophy

First and foremost, I am constantly learning and growing. The day that I close my mind to new ideas and quit trying new and different things will be the day that I leave this profession. I'm a firm believer in building quality students in a holistic sense. Students in my class can expect to not only be challenged and pushed academically but socially as well. I hold high expectations that my students will try their best and treat myself, their classmates, and everyone else along their learning journey with respect and exceptional manners. I aim to build strong connections and relationships with both my students and their families. Through this connection, I believe that we can help grow the whole child, not just their academics. 

I also believe in the integration of technology into education. Tech is not only a fantastic tool for education but it has become a vital part of our society as a whole. I aim to teach my students to be 21st-century learners which means that they not only learn how to work with technology but that they are responsible users of technology.

Likes and Hobbies

I've been raised as a massive sports and movie fan. Specifically, I'm a lover of all things baseball (go Blue Jays!) and hockey (Go Oilers!). In my free time, I spend a ton of time at the movie theater catching up on new and different movies or at home working on my new hobby of cooking. I'm also a big fan of traveling and have been fortunate enough to see much of our great nation. In the summertime, I spend a ton of time out on the golf course and I do a lot of reading! I'm also a massive fan of reading and learning about outer space and the universe!

My Favourites

  • Sport(s) - Baseball, hockey, and golf

  • Team(s) - Toronto Blue Jays and Edmonton Oilers

  • Food - Pizza or pasta

  • Restaurant - Anywhere Italian

  • Colour - Purple

  • Drink - Sprite or Coke Zero

  • Treat - Dino Sours, Salt and Vinegar chips, Reese's, Sour Patch Kids

  • Band - Led Zepplin or the Eagles

  • Book - Anything by Malcolm Gladwell

  • Movie - Ferris Buellers Day Off

  • Store(s) - Golf Town, iTunes, Amazon, and Best Buy

  • Hero(es) - My parents, Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, Neil Armstrong, too many more to mention

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